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He said 228 Ethiopian students have been offered scholarships. Educated Scholarships on Thursday, August 30, 2011 A screening program was conducted for the students at the National Palace, and Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed (Dr.) was present during the parade. The Prime Minister said that it is only knowledge that can liberate Africa and Ethiopia, which has gone through many terrible situations. “The problem of Ethiopia is only to be able to think, meditate, meditate, and see tomorrow, when people can see,” he said. “If we say we don’t need China, 228 people would not have gone to China,” the prime minister said, “You are Ethiopians in China.” Your descendants, who you are, is Ethiopian. ” The Prime Minister noted that China’s past, saying that China saw action in the wake of global warming. Now, he said, “It is my belief that you should learn from the Chinese, and we will do it.” Praising the Chinese government’s support for educating individuals, he said the students will serve as bridges between the two countries. China recognizes that scholarships from all federal ministries and regional governments are recognized by China’s scholarships. The prime minister, who said the opportunity will benefit 90 countries, will also involve 1,380 students. The scholarship is awarded to students who are selected to train in second- and third-degree programs. It was announced that 66 students would participate in the PhD program, and 162 students would participate in the Masters program. China has offered short-term training to over 7,000 professionals in 2018, as well as 300 scholarships.

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