The history of human development has shown that the law has been set up and established by the government to maintain a stable social life, not to exploit the weak, to steal the property of others, to shut it down, and to seek destruction, and to establish peace and prosperity. Prehistoric findings suggest that social relations were based on invading and capturing one another’s village, captivating and enslaving one another – a process that has evolved for millennia to a better way of thinking, comprehending, analyzing, analyzing and applying other animals. it is. It is true that the process of development is not at all the same level as the development of the world, but it is true that there is a journey of change in all. Of course, the process of helping the former go and help the value of the growth is also helped to speed up the process of change. When Europe began to live under the shadow of a written law, Africa was governed by the consent of tribal

and patriarchal leaders – we all hear the supremacy of the law – from senior government officials to ordinary citizens, from alphabet to ordinary citizen, from TPLF to emperor, Cherokee and deer, from witch to brat and bachelor to journalist… They all preach at every opportunity that the supremacy of the law must be guaranteed… – We strongly insist that we live not only in law but in the shadow of the law. Law and legitimacy – The great Greek philosopher Plato opened the first chapter of The Republic, which has been serving as the standard textbook for educational institutions to date, and we all agree on the nature of the debate and create a deep argument to answer it. He has worked hard to shape the meaning of justice – today in a world where one of the legal protections of the other is considered a serious crime – the case in Canada where same-sex marriage is legal Many African countries block it as such – if there is no authoritative definition of justice in society, it will cause confusion in interpreting the interests of the society as a whole – crime or justice as interpreters – whenever the bully goes and gets the definition of society The law that guarantees protection and rescission will be lost – illegality will prevail. It is known that in the ancient Homorabi law, there was a strictly enforceable rule against all, which forbade the perpetrator of arbitrary abuse of the eye. Living in the shadow of every official document under the illicit bullying order and goodwill will ensure that at least one legal document is available and that a judge can be held in case of abuse. One of the major issues that define the level of development of a society is the security of its social life under the law. If the legal guarantee does not end with the insistence of competent law enforcement agencies, social life will be lost. I think it was during the reign of Emperor Haile Selassie that Ethiopia began to govern by a decree and a written law – it is also said that the emperor was a gift to his people whom he loved and loved. Then there is the passage of articles and documents to which the ruling parties refer – the law is enforced, and the document is mentioned – it is heard in accordance with the Constitution, even if we remember the latest, it is not uncommon for a lawless society to lose the law. The basic issue that distinguishes citizens is that they are divided into ethnic groups, creating uncertainty and insecurity, creating a favorable environment for the destruction of national identity – those that Ali Elle comes from another

race. It would be naive to forget that when they publicly massacre their citizens they enforce this bloody constitution – they feel betrayed if they do not respect the “state presidency” by the blood … It was just a course called logic. In my opinion as a ordinary citizen, I mean that I do not have to raise any professional details. And I ask myself… Why is it that the post-EPRDF is so prevalent today under the shadow of the ‘blood found’ law, when it comes to policing, justice in court, justice in court, military failure? In fact, would it be an exaggeration to say that the law made it illegal? How to talk about legal protection and the rule of law in a country where it is a crime in itself, to ask whether there is a law that provides impartial equal protection to all citizens? If we hear an Ethiopian citizen say ‘By the God of Law’, if anyone knows what law he means, I’m ready to learn under his hood – the old men who have pleaded with God in law in recent times to steal property in Sydney have been brutally murdered simply for saying – Citizenship breach means that every citizen’s legal claim falls into the category. This is why the question of the existence of a government that governs the rule of law applies equally to all citizens … The new Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed, has one thing to bear in mind – when responding to a proposal by a delegate from Tigray during their first report to Parliament – The MP, who was

elected by parliament from a Tigray-based democracy, has also been criticized for stating that the ‘bloodthirsty constitution’ is undermining – when Abhi Ahmed replies’… the Constitution is on the penis of citizens. C iyenit’elet’eliki information that paragraph does not collapse … “Did you – lost / Minister incomplete answer, though I found it – I think it’s worth mentioning that a bottle for me to understand that a combination of legal protection to workers who were scared of the Constitution of the men and women posted on the penis. Well, if the Prime Minister had said that they were … well, but the fact that this scandal was carried out by a government agency dedicated to the protection of the law would be indicative of a fundamental violation of the law.

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