University professors have been working to compensate for the loss of school age due to security problems, University said.

Fana Broadcasting Corporation has said that it is working to compensate for the shortage of school day due to the security problems in some areas.

Universities were at the forefront of some of the institutions that were impacted by conflicts in some parts of the country and the instability that followed.

As a result, the first few months of the new entrances start with the beginning of the teaching process in the normal course.

Universities that began the teaching-learning process later that day were also forced to quit some days after the unrest began.

The Gondar, Jimma, and Adama universities are also mentioned as such.

Academic Vice President and Vice President of the University of Gondar, Dr. Asheir Azebwane, said that there were only some parks in the university.

From this perspective, the first semester of the year was completed using summer breaks and evenings.

The second half of the school year began shortly before the start of the school year, shortening the time spent by the center, and said that the course would be carried out as soon as possible.

The Jimma University’s teaching of the first-year teaching process was similarly interrupted.

The university’s director of communication, Dr Triana said that the university’s teaching process was halted for about 20 days.

It also cuts off the weekend school holidays by using the weekend and weekends, as well as three weeks of weekends for a week.

The University President of the University of Admas Science and Technology, which was forced to quit school for three weeks due to the student unrest and conflict, said he was working to compensate for the break-even during holidays.

According to his professor, the first year of the school year is being completed, and a final test will be given next week.

He also said that it will start the second half of the year, shortening the three-week holiday after the same test.

He also said he hoped to push the learning outlet to the summer because they could not complete specific subjects.

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