Oromia Regional State President

Adama, Oromia Regional State President, said on Tuesday, February 19, 2011, the Oromia Regional State President, Ato Ma Maishassa called on the Oromia Regional State to defend the various plans of the country’s political affairs. The regional president called for the 9th congressional meeting that began today in Adama City when it came to questions about current affairs.

Its members in the region peace, the rule of law, preserving law, and regional interest in Addis Ababa, and several other issues. The president of the region, Ato Moka, is also expected to pull out the efforts of the people to get to the center of the delta. He noted that Ato Abe has taken steps to protect the legitimacy of the people and that the people should not be led by others. Even so, when it comes to sitting down in the law, it is a waste of time.

Kebele and Goal’s management as well as city cabinets are not recognized without building their houses, and they are also accountable for their ongoing legalization, he said. Oromo and Oromia clarified the question of their interest in Addis Ababa, saying that the groups in the Diaspora have begun to re-apply one of the issues in the diaspora. Ato Ato explained that

the office of the Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce is only to be resolved in accordance with the law and the Constitution. The major reasons behind the slowdown of development projects are the lack of financing and the shortage of shortages. The results of these two events have been hampered by development projects, Ato Ato, regional state president, said. In addition, the region’s peacekeeping and resettlement issues have also deteriorated in the development projects. He said the region should be counted as a chance to bring peace to peace with the Oromo Liberation Front (Oromo).