I use traditional values to deal with the silly issues-DeepDing

The Southern Ethiopia People’s Democratic Movement (SEPDM) said that it is using traditional values ​​to solve the country’s security problems. The Central Committee of the Ahmadis has completed a nine-point resolution meeting of the Arbirin town last Wednesday. According to a statement issued by the Central Committee on the six-month assessment of the implementation of the six-party council, the beginning of the state of change is profound and beneficial for all people. He also pointed out that the Commission is working to reverse the development, good governance,

organizational and other needs of the region. In the federal system, it indicated that the people would exercise self-regulating, equality and fair use and freedom of movement and freedom of movement in a precise and complete manner. The organization is heading to the forefront of the threat of ethnic violence and the threat of nationalism. He added that the group is now in the region, and the agreement will be in place for the benefit of the people of the region. He stressed that the recruitment and construction work, which focuses on the needs of young people and women centered on the need for change, pointed out that the youth should be effectively trained to take advantage of the agricultural technologies. The statement

emphasized that the contribution of country elders, youth and women to peace in the region has raised the community’s co-existence and co-existence to sustain long-term peace and stability. There is a lack of transparency, corruption and corrupt practices at every stage of the process. We are working hard to support and collaborate in a way that ensures the mutual benefit of the people and the political parties at the national and national levels. The transformation of the pastoralist livelihoods and the realization of the significance of the development of the cities and the industrialization of the city has been addressed by improving the efficiency and efficiency of urban and rural areas.